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STW onderzoek BESE

Four-year scholarship for research into BESE elements

Biodegradable structure made from potato starch.

The research proposal 'Developing biodegradable multipurpose structures for generating ecosystem services - bridging thresholds', has finished first in the opening round of the Technology Foundation (Technologiestichting) STW.


Initiator for ecosystem restoration

The research is called ' Bridging Thresholds', and includes research into the use of biodegradable structures (BESE) for initiating ecosystem restoration.


The consortium is headed by Tjisse van der Heide of the Radboud University Nijmegen (RUN) and will undertake research over a period of four years. The research is being carried out in close collaboration between the Radboud University Nijmegen (PhD 1 is focusing on biogeochemical processes), the Royal NIOZ (PhD 2 is focusing on physical and hydrodynamic processes), Bureau Waardenburg (post-doc is focusing on up-scaling), water managers, industry and manufacturers.

More information can be found, also of the PhD positions on the STW and RUN websites.

The product, BESE-elements, also has its own website.

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