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National biodiversity monitoring system Bulgaria
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A national biodiversity monitoring system for Bulgaria

Worldwide, nature is under threat by pressures such as loss of natural area, environmental pollution, climatic change, and extensive use of resources. Bulgaria is no exception. Sustainable use of resources and protection of Bulgaria's unique flora and fauna is part of Bulgaria's policy. This policy is stimulated by the international commitments Bulgaria is party to, including the European Union 'acquis communautaire' which will provide a binding legal framework for Bulgaria upon its entry as a full member. 

To develop effective sustainable use and protection policies, information on Bulgaria's biodiversity is necessary. Such information is also required to fulfil EU and other international obligations on Bulgaria to report on the state of its natural heritage. 

EVD has contracted Ameco to provide assistance to the Bulgarian Government for the implementation of a national biodiversity monitoring system in line with requirements of the European Birds and Habitats Directives. This project, titled "Development of a National System for Monitoring Biodiversity and Protected Areas in Bulgaria"