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International Projects

Advice on nature conservation abroad

We endeavour to share our expertise further afield and regularly undertake projects abroad. We frequently work in countries where nature conservation policies are relatively new.

Since 2003, we have undertaken projects in Belgium, Britain, Denmark, Germany, Portugal, Italy, West Africa. In Moldova, Bulgaria and Romania we have undertaken  projects that have focused on the implementing of European nature legislation. In both the Caribbean and the Red Sea, corals and fish have been surveyed and experiments into the restoration of coral reefs were carried out. This research involved the transplantation of coral and monitoring its subsequent growth and colonisation by fish.

Currently, we are participating in a project in Belarus in which we advise on management issues in the floodplains of the Pripryat River with the aim of improving biodiversity in the area. We are also working together with our partner in Ukraine, Laguna (NGO), to make the waterbird hunting in the country more sustainable.

Selected international projects:

  • Netherlands, Ireland, Hungary and Sweden (2013-2014). Harmony, part of the European CEDR Trans-national Road Research Programme 'Roads and Wildlife'.
  • Netherland, Australia and U.S.A (2013). Worldwide research on the effects of renewable energy on migratory species.
  • Aruba (2012). Impact assessment of effects of wind turbines on migratory waterbirds
  • Greece (2012). Expertise input for a management plan for biomass production from reedbeds in Lake Prespa, Greece
  • French Guyana (2012...). Support for satellite transmitter studies on the endangered Agami heron
  • Sierra Leone (2011-...). Impact assessment for the construction of an internet cable from Guinea to Liberia
  • Bulgaria (2011-..). Radar studies of bird migration
  • United Kingdom (2010-..). Partner of the Strategic Ornithological Support Services group advising the offshore wind industry in the UK
  • International (2010-2011). Lead partner in review of conflicts of birds and power lines in the AEWA region
  • Italy (2010). Radar study of bird movements in relation to planned power line
  • Ukraine (2009-2010). colonial waterbirds in the Dniepr Delta
  • Ukraine (2008-..). Towards sustainable waterbird hunting Azov-Black Sea wetlands
  • Bonaire (2009). Environmental impact assessment studies
  • Moldova (2007). Environmental impact assessment studies
  • Guinea (West Africa) (2007-2009). Vegetation surveys of mining area in Mont Nimba
  • Romania and Bulgaria (2006-2007). Establishment of the Natura 2000 network, within the framework of the EU pre-accession
  • Gabon (2000). Biodiversity assessment, research and conservation of the Gamba complex 
  • Benin and Ghana (1999-...). Various projects including training for ecologists in coastal wetlands and studies of waterbirds ecology
  • Cameroon (1997-1998). Evaluation of diversity of vegetation in the forsts of Cameroon.
  • Vietnam (1995-1996). Environmental impact assessment study of water management plans in the Mekong Delta
  • Indonesia (1993-1994). Management plans for National Parks
  • Bonaire (1992). Base-line ecological study of Lac Bay
  • Gabon (1991). Environmental baseline studues for CONOCO in three (terrestrial) oil-concession areas 

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