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Research into the impacts of interventions and activities

Impact studies are used to assess the effects of interventions and activities on the environment and the ecology of an area.

Human actions can have a number of influences on nature. These effects can be assessed by monitoring throughout the process. In addition, specialist software and predictive models can be used to assess the potential effects of such an activity. Based on these data we can advise on how to mitigate or reduce potential influences on nature and the landscape.


In many countries, particularly in the EU, it is a legal requirement for large projects to explore the possible effects on the environment. This is ca...

Effect studies on birds

At Bureau Waardenburg we have experience of assessing the effects of a variety of large infrastructures, such as wind turbines, power lines, ports, ai...

Aquatic environments

Investigations into the potential effects of a development on water systems may be necessary. Under the European Water Framework Directive this may ev...

Marine environments

The sea is a source for both food and energy, as well as being important for transport. The sea hosts a range of human activities, from fishing, shipp...

Nature and the Landscape

Studies into the effects of landscape and nature relate to studies into the relationships between various infrastructures. In ecological terms this of...

Studies into nitrogen

Nitrogen is released into the environment from road traffic, air traffic, agriculture and industry. This can either be dry or wet deposition in precip...