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Hydrobiologische meetnetten
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Hydrobiological monitoring

Each year, Bureau Waardenburg carries out hydrobiological monitoring for a number of clients. For this we sample the macrofauna, diatoms, macrophytes, phytoplankton and also record vegetation.

We work across a range of waterbodies, including canals, river, streams, ditches, gravel extractions, ponds and lakes, and for a number of different water management regions. Samples are analsysed in our lab and identified to the species level.

The sampling methods used meet the required standard for assessments under European (Water Framework Directive) and national (Dutch STOWA) legislation. The reports include details of the sampling locations, the results and a description of the ecological water quality for the entire area. 

We carry out monitoring for a range of bodies, including:

  • Local and regional water authorities;
  • Managers and owners of waterways and waterbodies;
  • National and local governmental authorities.

At Bureau Waardenburg, we frequently collaborate with organisations such as Grontmij, Koeman & Bijkerk bv and Aqualab Zuid bv.

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