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Hydrobiologisch onderzoek in het Apeldoorns Kanaal
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Hydrobiological research in Dutch canals

As part of a study into the water quality of a canal in the centre of the Netherlands  Bureau Waardenburg is carrying our hydrobiological research. The water quality of the canal, close to the city of Apeldoorn, decreases from south to north.

Since 2010, phytoplankton has been sampled at a total of six locations over a period of time. Based on this sampling the canal was found to be mesotrophic and have a low organic load. A number of scarce and rare species were found including Staurodesmus avicula.

The research has revealed that the canal is home to a wide range of macrofauna. During sampling in 2010, a total of almost 300 species were found at six locations. This included a species of flatworm that features on the Red List.

The southern part of the canal was found to be botanically rich with extensive growth of floating vegetation. This included the rare species Luronium natansMyriophylum alterniflorumNitella translucens.

The monitoring in the Apeldoorn canal is planned to continue over the coming years.

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