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Macro-zoobenthos research in freshwater areas

During 2008, 2009 and 2010 Bureau Waardenburg carried out the determination of freshwater macro-zoobenthos from across the Netherlands on behalf of the government's monitoring programme.

Samples from Volkerak-Zoommeer, Haringvliet and Hollands Diep, the Rijn its tributaries, the Randmeren, the IJsselmeer and Markermeer, the Amsterdam-Rijn canal, the North Sea canal and the canal from Gent to Terneuzen were analysed by ecologists at Bureau Waardenburg. A number of scarce and rarae species were identified, including:

  • Sinelobus stanfordi;
  • Telmatogeton japonicus;
  • Potthastia gaedii;
  • Nais simplex;
  • Hydropsyche bulgaromanorum;
  • Barbronia weberi.

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