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Data verwerking en statistiek
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Information Systems and Statistics

Analysis and statistics


GIS can be used widely in the analysis and presentation of ecological data, such as assessing the size of the earthmoving works needed during developments, or the effects of a widening a road on wildlife and the landscape. We can also use GIS geo-statistical techniques in analyses and for presenting results spatially.


In addition, statistics are used in the analysis and interpretation of data. A number of our staff are specialised in statistics. Statistics can be used for trend analyses or spatial analyses of, for example distributions in relation habitats. To ensure the latest techniques and to insure the quality of analyses, we regularly request advice from statistical specialists such as Highland Statistics and Biometris, the statistical unit of Wageningen UR.

Modellen en modelontwikkeling

Because natural systems are often very complex, they are often simplified using models. Models can be used to understand system processes, as well as for making predictions under various scenarios.

Fields in which models are often used include population studies, ecosystem studies, groundwater flow and eco-hydrology. For example, the spatial effects of water-logging, backwater or profile adaptation of streams can be calculated using model, as can the effects of shooting on a population of geese.

Over the years we have accumulated expertise in developing models that can be used for management and policy making.