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AEWA Review conflicts of birds and power lines
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Review and guidelines for mitigating/avoiding the conflict between migratory birds and electricity power grids in the African-Eurasian region.

A project in the framework of the African Eurasian Waterbird Agreement (AEWA) and the Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals (CMS)

The final report of Guidelines on How to Avoid or Mitigate Impact of Electricity Power Grids on Migratory Birds in the African-Eurasian Region has now been published.


Due to risks of fatal collision or electrocution, electrical infrastructures are considered one of the major causes of unnatural deaths for birds and in particular migratory birds, in large parts of the world. In several Eurasian and Africa countries a relative high proportion of the collision and electrocution victims concern endangered species, such as spoonbills, bustards, cranes and eagles. In contrast, power poles and masts often offer important perching, roosting and nesting sites for a number of species. A large number of studies have been published on the issues involved, but the information is scattered, not always easily accessible and an overall overview of the magnitude of the conflict between birds and electricity power grids on the larger scale of the African-Eurasian region is lacking. The same applies for the solutions to avoid electrocution and the various measures to mitigate collisions that are already implemented or under development. The Secretariats of UNEP/AEWA and UNEP/CMS have commissioned an international consortium, led by Bureau Waardenburg, to assess and review the magnitude of the conflict between birds and electricity power grids throughout the African-Eurasian region and to draw up guidelines on the possible mitigation and avoidance measures.

Review and guidelines

The project will deliver two main products: a review report and a guidelines document. The review report will consist of two parts. The first part will review the existing information on the conflicts between birds and the electricity grid, concentrating on a) collisions, b) electrocutions, c) disturbance effects and d) positive influences of power lines. The second part of the review report will present an overview of the issue at a regional level, focusing on conflict hotspots and species at risk. The review will also identify and present gaps in the knowledge on the extent of bird risks throughout the region. The review will be based on published information as well as information obtained by enquiries that will be sent to representatives of Parties, range states, GOs and NGOs in more than 130 countries. In a separate report, information guidelines will be presented on the various solutions devised for mitigating or avoiding collisions and electrocutions. This includes both technical as well as legislative information and will be retrieved from published sources and from the aforementioned enquiries. This project is being implemented with the kind support of RWE Rhein-Ruhr Netzservice GmbH. More information can be found on the project page.

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